LED Surgical Head Light

Lumens medical brings yet another innovative surgical head light with built-in camera with recording for applications in ENT, Cardio Thoracic surgeries, Vascular surgeries etc, designed for maximum surgeons comfort, light weight, with rechargable battery backup, and auto adjusted white balance facility to produce a strain free illumination to the surgeon during surgery. The pure white LED light output with LED working life of 50,000 Hrs makes Lumens MEdical LED Surgical head light an ideal choice for surgeons.

LED Surgical Head Light with Built-in Camera

Main Features:

  • Camera record's, without power, in MicroSD card with rechargeable battery cordlessly.
  • LED lamp (5500K), it lights brighter and clearer light for over 50,000 hours.
  • A 1.7X Loupe is provided as a standard feature.
  • Recording facility using a Micro SD Card.
  • Three Optical Lenses arranged in a unique pattern.
  • It is provided with optional software this is capable to make "time-reset" and "voice cancellation"
  • Adjustable camera focus & angle.


  • Alarm sound if no Micro SD cards is inserted.
  • Alarm Sound if battery is low.
  • Alarm if camera on/off.


Lamp 5500k Power LED
Battery 2,600mA Li-ion Battery
Sensor 1/4 " CMOS WXGA HD sensor
Memory MicroSD (SDHC 2GB~64GB)
Resolution and Frame 1280*720 HD / 30fps
Video output TV OUT (composite)
Sound Built-in-Mic.
Power requirement AC100-240V/50-60Hz