LED Surgical Head Light

LED Head Light with a unique 60,000 Lux intensity for applications in ENT, Cardio Thoratic Surgeries, Vascular Surgeries etc, designed for maximum surgeons comfort, light weight, with rechargable battery backup, and auto adjusted white balance facility to produce a strain free illumination to the surgeon during surgery.



Light Intensity 60,000 Lux at 25 cms
Colour of LED Pure White
Power of Intensity 5W
Light Spot Size Adjustable 1 cm to 9 cm
LED Life Time 50,000 Hrs
Battery Rechargeble Lithium Battery
Battery Charge Time 4 hrs
Battery Working Time 5 hrs
Colour Temperature 4500k
CRI > 90
Adujstable Brightness Facility Power Requirement AC100-240V/50-60Hz